Welcome to Grouse, the happy and friendly web front end to a few decades of experience in problem solving. Need a little help with IT issues? Feeling intimidated by not understanding something? Ask away.

We’ll be putting a series of articles together on various topics as things progress, and if you want to learn to solve your own issues or do be your own IT guy, I’ll happily give away any advice I can. I know some people enjoy learning and solving their own issues and I’m glad to help in that case.

I am this excited about stuff every single day and I want to help you.

However, I get someone else to do my tax returns or make my coffee if I want it done right. I could learn to do these things myself if I wanted, but life’s short enough as it is. If you decide doing things yourself is not for you, you can hire me to do it for you. Is that the deal of the century or what?